When Security Hard Drives Fail and the Solution

When Security Hard Drives Fail and the Solution


At Sublime, we are more about being proactive, verse reactive for our clients.

I have spent a long time researching systems that can give our clients peace of mind that their cameras are working to the best of their ability at all times so that when they need them, we know 100% they are working.

Typically the most common failure with CCTV is the hard drive inside the recorder unit. This is the most frustrating thing as the time that you check the recorded footage is when you need to watch an event from your recorded footage… This is when you determine that the hard drive failed a week ago and the footage you need to review has not been recorded.

Well, the search was worthwhile because we have implemented CheckmyCCTV at Sublime Technologies / Sublime Alarm monitoring.

For a monthly subscription, our client has real-time health checking and reporting of their camera system, to ensure they are never trapped by a system that is not recording or working correctly.

CheckmyCCTV is a software package that constantly checked all the vital components of the system like:

  • Internet connection for remote view
  • Smart Disc testing
  • NVR is recording
  • Hard drives are in good health
  • Camera connectivity working
  • Image check of the camera to confirm they are still clear
  • System updates and software are up to date
  • System back up
  • Network bandwidth is streaming well
  • The recording is fulfilling the required number of days footage
  • The date and time are accurate

We enter minimum parameters that will alert us if this information does not reach standards

So why did we choose checkmyCCTV??

Other systems that we tested were not as responsive and did not give us all the information required in one interface.

Also, they were charged per camera, where checkmyCCTV is a flat fee per recorder. So it doesn’t matter if you have 2 or 20 cameras.

If you want to know that your cameras are doing their job, all day every day, please reach out and we can show you how it should be done.

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