Access Control Systems

Control who can access your home or your business with our smart, integrated access control systems.

Control Access to Your Property

Our access control systems include keyless door locking systems as well as automatic gates and vehicle barriers. With options ranging from simple fob chain keyless entry, through to proximity cards, pin code entry and high-tech biometric access control systems, you ensure that the only people on your property are the people you authorise to be there.

Integrated Access Solutions

Smart integration of your access control systems allows you effective building automation and control.

Imagine being able to press a button on your fob chain to open your door and then have the security alarms turn off, the air-conditioning power up to the perfect temperature, the lights in the corridors leading to your office switch on, and the photocopiers and espresso machines turn on … all without you having to lift another finger.

You can also integrate your access control system with your time and wages recording system, and create a permanent record of who accessed your building at what time.

Screening of callers through intercom systems means you can either unlock doors or gates from within the property, or remotely through your smart phone. This means you can grant access to your gardener, pool maintenance person or meter reader, without having to give out your security details or keys.

When you want to control access to your property, talk with us to find an integrated solution to meet your needs.

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