Automation & Lighting

Integrate and automate your home or business with smart wiring and state-of-the art technology.

Home & Business Automation

Technology should make our life easier, smoother and simpler. Yet often we are faced with hundreds of remote controls and switches turning us into slaves of technology rather than the other way around.

Home automation using smart wiring, “If this then that” programming and clever systems that communicate with each other, finally allows you to realise the time saving, lifestyle and productivity benefits that technology can provide.

Your random piles of remotes are replaced by your smartphone or tablet, and hundreds of actions are replaced by one simple touch of a button.

Soon, you will be able to voice control your home or business – like having a butler at your beck and call, pre-empting your requests day in and day out.

Why wait? The future is now. Explore the difference that home and building automation can make. Contact us today.


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