Cbus Lighting Control

Enjoy energy savings, lifestyle benefits and enhanced control with C-BUS lighting control systems and home automation systems.

C-BUS Lighting Control Systems

Home and office lighting is a major electricity cost. If lights are switched on and left to burn when not needed, you are throwing money down the drain.

With C-BUS lighting and control smart wiring you regain control and enhance your lifestyle.

Control & Manage Your Lighting

  • Automatically turns lights on and off when required.
  • Detects motion to activate lighting in wet areas, pantries, cupboards, meeting rooms, stairwells, and car parks, and then turn the lights off when you leave.
  • Sets lighting “scenes” that deliver the lighting environment and ambience you require.
  • Turns all lights on in an emergency such as when a smoke alarm is triggered.
  • Turns off nightlights in children’s rooms after a set time.
  • Switches all the lights in a house or building off with one touch.
  • Illuminates outdoor lights and path lights to your door when motion is detected,
  • Adjusts your lighting to ensure consistent light to balance natural light coming through your windows.

C-Bus integrates with the majority of building management and control systems, making it the ideal solution for most homes and businesses. Contact us today to discuss your lighting control needs.


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