Security & CCTV

We provide intelligent yet intuitive systems that are armed or disarmed at a single touch, or remotely via your smartphone.

Security Systems, Access Control & CCTV Cameras

You have worked hard for your business and your home. Protect them with sophisticated security and access control systems that not only deter potential thieves, they also provide clear evidence if you do become a target.

Integrated Security Systems

Security systems have come a long way from the days of a noisy external alarm and grainy CCTV footage. Security systems finally have become intuitive, easy to use and highly effective.

Sublime Technologies not only install standalone systems, we also design and install integrated commercial and home security systems, where switching on your security can also check that all windows and doors are shut, and can adjust your lighting levels to optimally work with your CCTV.

We create scalable systems to suit any need and budget. Whether you only need one camera or an entire commercial system, we can tailor a solution that allows you to easily add, integrate and reconfigure options in the future.

Contact us to explore how an integrated home and commercial system will enhance the safety of the things that matter most to you.

  • I knew I wanted security cameras installed as our business deals in exquisite high-end marine and I had previously experienced dishonesty with ex-staff.  Sublime Technologies had the system installed within the day with no interruption to my business.  I like the fact that I can easily see what is happening down at the sheds, even if I am not there, by logging in through my smart phone. I feel much more at ease; knowing I have a second pair of eyes looking out for my business.

  • Dino – Millennium Marine Aust.