Audio Visual

Enjoy music throughout your home and outside entertaining areas with a quality multi-room audio system.

Multi-Room Audio

Music does not need to be tied to a single room with a multi-room audio system.

Similar to air-conditioners, you can zone your home to allow music to be played throughout your home, or only in certain areas. You can even have different music playing in different areas – so the kids can enjoy the latest chart toppers in their rooms while you relax with classics out in the entertaining area.

Change stations, skip tracks, or change musical style from wherever you are in the house, which means you don’t have to go to another room to change your music, it’s all done from your smart phone/tablet.

Enjoy crystal clear sound from speakers installed in your ceiling or wall, with options available for outdoor and wet areas so you can enjoy music no matter where you are in your home.

Integrated Audio Visual

Integrate your audiovisual system with your home theatre system to allow your programs to follow you from room to room.

You no longer need separate stereos, DVD/Blu-ray players, microsound systems, and pay TV digital boxes scattered across your home taking up precious space. With a multi-room AV system (or Matrix as it is also known), all your technology can be located in one tidy AV rack and then accessed no matter where you are in the house.

Start a Foxtel movie in the lounge room, and then seamlessly continue it in your kitchen when you are preparing dinner. Put on the your favourite music in the bedroom while you are getting dressed in the morning and then have it follow you to the dining room while you are eating breakfast. Listen to digital radio news upstairs, while the kids listen to pop stations downstairs.

Whatever your home sound needs, we help you create a distributed audio visual setup that brings your home to life.

State of the Art Systems

Sublime Technologies are proud installers of PUSH Control Systems and RTI control systems. These systems are simple and intuitive to use and use a blend of smartphone and wall wired panels. Master their use in seconds – there are no complicated interfaces to learn, just easy, logical buttons.

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