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Home Automation

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You drive up the driveway late at night. Your garage door automatically opens and adjusts the garage lighting and hall lighting leading to the bedrooms to 20% so as not to wake the sleeping children. Your security alarm is turned off, and the air-conditioner temperature adjusted to perfect sleeping temperature. All done at the touch of a button.

You pack the car with your luggage for your overseas trip. You click “Holiday mode” on your system, which then sets the security, forwards all intercom calls to your phone, sets the water sprinklers to water your garden and filter your pool while you are away, and turns off your hot water system booster. It then opens and shuts your blinds during the days, and turns on and off lights and music at random times while you are away to give your home that lived in look.

You arrive home after grocery shopping and your security door and front door opens automatically so you can walk straight in with your hands full, without having to fumble with keys.

You fall into bed after a busy day, and press “Goodnight”. Your system ensures all the lights, TVs and music are turned off, the downstairs security system armed and the air-conditioner temperature adjusted.

Turning Routines into Seamless Experiences

Home automation turns all the little routine tasks that we do each day into seamless experiences. If it is operated via electricity, then there is a good chance it can be automated.

Every home automation solution is custom built and is uniquely tailored to your lifestyle, budget and preferences. You can start small and then add onto your system as your lifestyle changes.

Home automation is not just about the systems and the wiring. It is also about understanding how people use their homes, and identifying possibilities to help streamline their lives. Our automation consultants are experts in pinpointing what patterns can and should be automated for maximum results.

However, effective home automation is not just about lifestyle. It can also save on water and electricity costs – helping to reduce waste while making a difference to the environment.

Talk with our home automation team to find out how they can transform your homes and lifestyle.

  • Our dealings with Sublime Technologies were a great experience for us. Their team are extremely knowledgeable, helpful and are meticulous in their work.  They system they installed is absolutely beyond my wildest expectations. I would have absolutely no hesitation in selecting Sublime again in the future for our technology needs.


  • Darron – Fit4Duty