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Imagine actually having more time away from your business to do what you want?

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  • Many of us envision owning our own business; being able to do what we want, when we want.  What did you imagine: Boating? Fishing? Extended holidays with the family?

    Instead, you find yourself working long hours and juggling many roles. Are you confident your staff can keep things rolling when you’re not there?

Hi, my name is Daniel Watt and I am the Managing Director of Sublime Technologies.

For years, I struggled with creating a healthy work/life balance. I was what you’d call a ‘control freak’ and a ‘workaholic’. Downtime rarely existed for me. Even on family holidays, I was always thinking about work, checking in, taking calls addressing problems and replying to emails. Thankfully I have a solution.

Artificial intelligent CCTV Cameras, become your eyes and ears, when you’re not there

The advancement in Artificial Technology and CCTV cameras has given us ‘business owners’ endless solutions in giving back our freedom while still being able to have control over our business.

Check out some of the benefits below.

Never miss an important communication exchange with inbuilt audio.

  • 1 or 2-way Audio Communication

  • Reduce staff or customer disputes with one or two-way audio communication.

    This means you’ll be able to hear important conversation live as it unfolds, or playback footage and audio from an important exchange you may have missed earlier. No more misinformation and it all works via the app on your smartphone, wherever you may be.

    Delivery drop-offs

    Do you receive deliveries when you’re not there?

    It used to frustrate me having to wait around for deliveries when I had a ton of other places to be.

    The 2-way audio will allow you to see and speak to drivers and you can give them access to a drop-off point with the touch of a button on your phone. No more waiting around, taking up valuable amounts of your time.

  • Secure Areas

    Not expecting anyone? Perhaps no-one should be there in the first place? Receive notifications when a person approaches your premise or an unauthorized space with the latest Line Crossing technology.

    Your CCTV system will set off a strobe light and alarm and you will receive instant notification via email or smartphone.

    No more false alarms from weather or animals. AI technology will only recognise what’s important.

    You can even customize an audio message to play when the camera detects someone attempting to enter a prohibited area. The human voice is a much more powerful warning compared to just a written sign, deterring unwanted visitors.

Colour Night-Vision Cameras


  • Traditional CCTV systems with IR (infra-red) lighting for night monitoring played back in black and white meant people, cars and other important objects become blurred or blend into the background making it difficult to identify.

    The new ColourVu technology cameras capture and store all of your night-time footage in colour, instead of black and white, giving you clearer playback information. Watch the video below for a demonstration.

  • Facial Recognition & Access Control

  • Now more than ever, businesses are in need of more capabilities and information feedback from their security.

    Advanced Facial Recognition algorithms in CCTV detect exactly which staff have entered and exited your premises; or which member has entered or exited your club, along with times, facial photos and staff/member details.

    Any mismatch of information can set off an alarm or send a push notification to your email or phone; eliminating shared entry cards or allowing unauthorized access. Stay in control and informed with who enters and exits your premise.

Thermal Detection & Heat Mapping

  • Heat Mapping in Retail

    Retailers usually want to know which products customers are most interested in and which promotional products attract customers into the store.

    With Heat-Mapping Technology, retailers see a colour-coded map of the amount of time shoppers spend in specific store areas. This reveals both hot spots and dead zones, as well as how many people actually shop for a specific product, versus those who just decide to pick it up as they casually walk by.

    By layering this data over time, retailers can get insight into how to best place items in store, and how best to design the overall store layout, resulting in better profits.

  • Are they unwell?

    With the Covid-19 pandemic, AI technology enhances your CCTV system by discreetly scanning your staff, students or customers and recording and logging their body temperature against their profile; stopping anyone who exceeds normal temperature ranges.

    PPE Masks

    Are Masks a current requirement in your workplace? AI technology can recognise if staff or customers are not wearing a mask and alert you, or simply deny entry. Automatically ensuring you comply with current requirements.

People-Counting Cameras


  • Social Distancing & Venue Restrictions

    With current venue restrictions, advanced technology can record the number of people entering and exiting your premise and keep a data log with dates and numbers, which is a much easier solution versus manual record keeping.

    Advanced algorithms detect individual staff or patrons and will recognise if the same person has entered and exited; how many times they’ve visited and record this data in a downloadable format for your business analytics.

Clients we have worked with

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Here’s what our clients are saying
about Sublime Technologies

Security is a big issue when you have 15 acres of park to protect 24/7 and we rely on good support to maintain a system like ours with over 20 cameras on constant surveillance. That’s why we chose Sublime Technologies; they are efficient, fast and get the job done. We can recommend anyone needing a reliable service to Sublime and their team.
– Terry, Kingston Park Raceway. QLD.

Our dealings with Sublime Technologies were a great experience for us. Their team are extremely knowledgeable, helpful and are meticulous in their work. The system they installed is absolutely beyond my wildest expectations. I would have absolutely no hesitation in selecting Sublime again in the future for our technology needs.
– Darron Brien, Fit4Duty, QLD.

I knew I wanted security cameras installed as our business deals in exquisite high-end marine and I had previously experienced dishonesty with ex-staff. Sublime Technologies had the system installed within the day with no interruption to my business. I like the fact that I can easily see what is happening down at the sheds, even if I am not there, by logging in through my smart phone. I feel much more at ease; knowing I have a second pair of eyes looking out for my business.
– Dino, Millenium Marine Aust.

Statistics repeatedly show that businesses with CCTV cameras installed have reductions in theft, dishonest staff, unauthorized access, shrinkage and overall protection for your business and staff. But most importantly gives you, the business owner, peace of mind and more freedom.

Give my team a call. Let us know what your business requires, or if you’re not sure, lets discuss what’s currently not working and we will tailor a solution and give you a demonstration.

You deserve to live the life you want, why waste it being tied to work.

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