Smart Technology for Meeting and Conference Rooms

Meetings have come a long way from the dreaded sessions attended only out of necessity. Today’s meeting room technology is transforming meeting environments, creating interactive sessions in which office workers can easily collaborate with remote colleagues. If you want to take your meetings to the next level, it’s time to outfit your boardroom with fresh technology.

Interactive Whiteboards

When you have a brilliant brainstorming session with your team, do you have to snap a photo of the whiteboard so that the notes aren’t lost? Upgrading to an interactive whiteboard lets you save, print or email the contents of the board at any time, preserving every idea for future use.

This new approach to a familiar boardroom fixture works much like a mobile device touch screen. You can write, erase, resize components and add pictures and videos using familiar touch gestures. Thanks to remote collaboration, colleagues in other locations can simultaneously work on the same board.

Multi-Purpose Systems

Meeting room technology lets you do more in the boardroom than hold meetings. Integrated speakers, mounted projector screens and network connectivity all make it possible to set up employee training or host conferences. Making presentations with accompanying audio and video is easy when all the components of your setup can communicate seamlessly to deliver content using pre-determined cues.

When you’re not working, why not treat employees to some downtime with a special office function? Make use of your connected boardroom to create a relaxing party environment with appropriate lighting and music to celebrate a holiday or give the staff a much-needed break.

Modern-Day Automation

No matter what you’re using conference room technology for, you don’t want to waste time going from one component to another to adjust settings or improve the atmosphere of the room. The most efficient meeting setups automate everything in the room using a single “smart” device with an intuitive interface. Dim the lights, close the blinds, roll down the projector screen and get to work without distraction. Use the same controls to manipulate the elements of your presentation as they appear on the screen, zooming in to highlight important points or skipping slides to save time.

Remote Access Options

When you work with clients and partners in other states or countries, remote boardroom access is essential. Have the room wired for video conferencing to dial in key members of your team. Since no one has to travel to attend these virtual meetings, your company saves money and time, and it’s possible to collaborate on a more frequent basis. Remote access also allows telecommuting employees to be present at meetings without disrupting their flexible schedules.

Let Sublime Technologies help you harness the power of the modern meeting with conference room technology. By combining components such as plasma TVs, interactive white boards, web conference wiring and automation solutions, this integrative technology can make every meeting more engaging and productive. Contact Sublime today for a quote on outfitting your boardroom with all the latest features.