Home Automation: What is it?

Home Automation enables you to control devices in your home from anywhere in the world, all from the touch of a button with your smart device.  Be it lighting, heating and cooling, security, access control, the list goes on; if it can be cabled then there’s a good chance it can be automated.


Automation means enabling the ability to program and schedule devices to do certain things at certain times; an ‘if this, then that’. For example, you pull up home it’s late at night, you push a command on your smart phone and it disarms the alarm system, opens the garage door and sets the lighting to only 30% so as not to wake the sleeping children.  You jump into bed exhausted and hit ‘sleep mode’, all the lights turn off, the blinds are drawn, the house is locked and the aircon is set to a comfortable sleeping temperature.

Remote Access

With the introduction of smart phones and tablets, it has also given us the ability to connect with our homes and gather information while we are away.  Remote access can enable us to view CCTV in and around our home; we can gather other data such as when certain lights are turned on and off to give out that ‘lived in look’.  We can set the sprinklers to come on at a certain time, play music, open and close the blinds.  As you can see the scenarios are endless. It’s not what we can do for our home, but what our home can do for us.

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