CCTV Security Pays Off: Case Studies

Imagine being able to use your smart phone and log in to view CCTV cameras that you have installed at your home or office from anywhere in the world. View current or past footage, or set up alerts to be notified of any movement in or around your home or office while you are away and be able to view the footage live…

CCTV Security is increasingly becoming popular not just in business but for around the home too.  With many years spent working in the industry we’ve seen and heard our fair share of interesting stories that were caught on CCTV surveillance:

  • A house fire that was deliberately lit while the home owners were away had the arsonists caught thanks to the CCTV Cameras we had installed across the road at their neighbour’s property. The surveillance was able to capture footage, supplying Police with information they needed which helped lead to an arrest.

  • Police requested CCTV footage from a popular tourist attraction after an incident, to ensure that the business was compliant with occupational health and safety regulations. The surveillance footage was able to demonstrate they were.

  • Police were called out after an armed hold up and were able to obtain all the information they needed to catch the criminal from the CCTV system installed at a neighbouring business.

  • A business owner was puzzled when over several shifts, the cash drawer wasn’t balancing at the end of each working day. After reviewing footage, he was able to pinpoint a particular staff member who was stealing money from the business and take the necessary action.

  • During the Christmas period a home owner noticed that some of their Christmas decorations out the front of their home had been moved or kicked over. They were able to login to their CCTV system and pull up footage from the night before and discover a group of teens had been snooping around their property and make a quick exit once they saw the cameras!

  • A client had their wallet stolen from their car. They were able to login to their system and identify the thief which turned out to be one of their delivery drivers!

  • Another business owner has happily reported a massive reduction in theft within his business since installing a CCTV security system. They make a very good deterrent.

In many of these cases, CCTV was able to provide enough information to help the owner or Police, put together a timeline of events, providing them with the much needed information to follow through with a relevant course of action.

There are many reasons why people choose to install a CCTV System, however the top reasons we typically hear are:

  • To monitor their home or business while they’re away

  • View who comes and goes on their premise

  • Keep staff accountable

  • Record of incidents

  • Theft deterrent

  • Lower insurance premiums

With the advancement of technology, CCTV cameras are clearer than ever, providing high definition images and playback. Being able to remotely login to our camera system from anywhere in the world, using our smart phones is making home and business owners feel more comfortable that they have a second pair of eyes looking over their property when they’re unable to.

Having a CCTV system installed into your home or business is a wise investment. You’ve worked hard to achieve all that you have; having that second pair of eyes is invaluable.

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