CCTV Security for Rental Homes

Security, like many other devices and equipment, they are subjective to the requirements and expectations of the individual. What I expect from something could be different from others.
I have worked in security equipment for 15 + years so as you imagine, I have seen many different systems from very basic, to full-blown systems and everything in between. My opinion is “do it once, do it right”! Yes, you pay more for quality equipment and installation, but the overall longevity and cost of ownership is worth it.
There are many DIY systems on the market that are aimed towards having “something as opposed to nothing” and that’s ok as long as you know what you are buying.
The question was asked about rental homes where a wireless system is required as they do not want to cut holes and run cables. My advice towards this is to speak to your landlord… ask permission… let them know what you would like to do… maybe they will contribute $$ to having CCTV installed as it will not only protect you as the tenant but the landlord’s asset property… Do a deal with your landlord to leave the system there if you move…
Normally the cameras like Ring (which don’t get me wrong, I have a Ring doorbell which is awesome) do not have the resolution of what I will call a ‘real’ camera, and are not securely mounted so these have been taken, which is not ideal. Also, you have cloud storage costs ongoing if you want to be able to review the footage and battery charging periodically.
At the end of the day, everyone has different expectations and budgets and we are here to help wherever possible.
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