Car theft and Break-ins are at an all time high in SE QLD

Choose the Right Security Cameras to Keep your Cars and Property Safe

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  • Our family and home are the most important things in our lives and we want to make sure they are kept safe.

    As a resident and business owner in the Redlands, I have seen first hand the growing numbers in crime in Redlands as well as SE QLD.

    Specifically, we have worked with QLD police on many occasions with the retrieval of CCTV footage to assist with investigations.

    Increasing levels of crime and home break-ins have heightened the anxiety levels in a lot of people and in response, we have seen a rising number of people turning to CCTV cameras to protect their homes and family.

    The problem is there are so many CCTV systems on the market and for the average person, it is difficult to understand that what you may be buying might not stand up to the performance required if an incident occurred.

    We regularly see many DIY security camera options that families have purchased, which look great on the overall picture quality. Where these noticeably fall short is when you zoom in to read a number plate or see particular details of a perpetrator, the images become blurred and grainy.

    It’s important that you understand what will work best for you. This way you’re able to make an informed decision resulting in quality cameras that will perform.

My name is Daniel Watt and I am the Managing Director of Sublime Technologies.

I have worked in the security industry for over 15 years and as you can imagine, I have seen many different systems from very basic, to full-blown systems and everything in between.

My motto is “Do it once, do it right. The security systems I use and recommend are from HikVision. They have the latest in artificial technology and are one of the world’s leading and most trusted brands on the market.

  • Deter Criminals and Keep your Cars & Property Safe

  • Live Notification if Human Movement is detected on Your Property

    The problem with many CCTV systems is they record an incident and sometimes it’s not until the next day that we realise that something untoward has happened.

    In the event that a theft or break-in is about to occur, we want it to perform better and to stop the incident from occurring in the first place right?

    The newest AcuSense Cameras from HikVison, feature an audio alarm and strobe light. In the unfortunate incident that someone enters the front garden of your property, your CCTV Camera will activate a strobe light and a recorded audio message will sound, advising “please be aware the property is under video surveillance”.

    This is ideal and is likely to deter an intruder when they have a strobe light turned on them with a recorded voice advising they are under surveillance. You will also receive an instant live notification via the app or email that there has been human movement detected on your property.

    Taking this one step further, you could also have this sent to a back to base monitoring company and pending your instructions, have a patrol car come to your premise to investigate should you be away from your home.

    Two-way Audio

    The Two-way audio option means you can use your phone to speak to and hear anyone outside your property, without having to go outside as well as viewing live footage.

    It’s also handy when I have received my weekly grocery delivery and I’m not home! But, it is a much safer option if something happened in the middle of the night and you don’t want to go outside to investigate.

Colour Night-Vision Cameras


  • One thing I found frustrating was the poor black and white night-time monitoring quality of the traditional CCTV systems with IR (infra-red).

    The footage is captured and played back in black and white which meant people, cars, and other important objects become blurred or blend into the background making it difficult to identify.

    The new ColourVu technology cameras from Hikvision, capture and store all of your night-time footage in colour, just as it would for the daytime, giving you clearer playback information. This is a fantastic step forward for CCTV and will make it much easier to identify cars, people’s clothing and events in real-time colour.

    Watch the video below for a demonstration.

Clients we have worked with

  • Kingston Park Raceway Logo
  • Schneider Electric Logo
  • Hog’s Breath Cafe Logo
  • Millennium Marine Australia Logo
  • Turf Green Logo

Here’s what our clients are saying
about Sublime Technologies


Sublime was very understanding and explained everything we needed to know about cctv and a security system.
They were easy to understand and was happy to make changes to suit our needs.
Once we agreed to the job, the work was completed in two days.
It was a pleasure to have the guys who installed the system in our house, they we easy to talk to and were always happy to answers any questions we had.
They also spent the time to set up the systems on our phones and how to operate the systems from the phones.
Would recommend them to anyone.

  • – Eddie Booth

Security is a big issue when you have 15 acres of park to protect 24/7 and we rely on good support to maintain a system like ours with over 20 cameras on constant surveillance. That’s why we chose Sublime Technologies; they are efficient, fast and get the job done. We can recommend anyone needing a reliable service to Sublime and their team.
– Terry, Kingston Park Raceway. QLD.

Our dealings with Sublime Technologies were a great experience for us. Their team are extremely knowledgeable, helpful and are meticulous in their work. The system they installed is absolutely beyond my wildest expectations. I would have absolutely no hesitation in selecting Sublime again in the future for our technology needs.
– Darron Brien, Fit4Duty, QLD.

I knew I wanted security cameras installed as our business deals in exquisite high-end marine and I had previously experienced dishonesty with ex-staff. Sublime Technologies had the system installed within the day with no interruption to my business. I like the fact that I can easily see what is happening down at the sheds, even if I am not there, by logging in through my smart phone. I feel much more at ease; knowing I have a second pair of eyes looking out for my business.
– Dino, Millenium Marine Aust.

Daniel and the Sublime team do a brilliant job. They hooked us up with a state of the art access control system and helped us through understanding all of the features, thanks again.

– Warren C.

We’ve had an alarm system installed recently and the team was communicative, checked with us about what would suit US, fast working and very tidy. Would highly recommend. Thanks!

  • – Nick Hart.

Statistics repeatedly show that homes with CCTV cameras installed have reductions in theft and crime. But most importantly, gives you peace of mind and more freedom.

Give my team a call. Let us know what you require, or if you’re not sure, let’s have a chat and we will tailor a solution and give you a demonstration.

You deserve to live your life with peace of mind.

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