3 Things You Can Do For Your Small Business During Lockdown

Covid Lockdowns Can Be Tough On Small Business. Let’s Focus On What You Can Do To Strengthen Your Small Business During This Time 


Owning a small business is a tough gig. Wearing multiple hats and juggling tasks, there are many things that can fall between the cracks or pushed to the bottom of your never-ending ‘to-do’ list. When you’re stuck at home and feeling unsure what you can do, here are three things you can review in your business to make the most out of lockdown.

1. Review Your Website

In the digital world, a website that is around 5 years old can be classed as ‘dated’.

When was the last time you reviewed your website from a customer perspective? A Website that provides a good user experience for a potential customer is high in importance on whether someone will go from browsing and leaving, to contacting your business.

Loading Speed

We’ve all come across websites that take longer to load. A slow-loading website is almost going to guarantee someone will leave your site before they even arrive. There is a bunch of information online on how to improve your website speed or simply to check your current loading speed.


Is your branding consistent throughout your site?

Colours, logo, font, and layout. Consistency on every page is important in the overall customer experience.

Pages that contain a different font, no logo, or simply have a scattered layout can be confusing to the customer. This can subconsciously affect the way your business is viewed overall and can be the difference on whether they stay or leave your site.

Call To Action (CTA)

Is your Call to Action clear? Are they accessible from every page? What do you want the user to do; call your business?; add an item to their shopping cart? Make this easy for them to do so. Having a customer leave your page out of frustration can almost guarantee they won’t return.

Photos & Content

Review your photos and content. Are they still current and relevant? Use this time to refresh your site and inject new life into the visual aesthetic.

2. Social Media

Is your business active on social media? Small businesses can often put this one on the back-burner as just another thing to do and not rate the importance of impact. The vast majority of us use social media on a daily basis and this is something large and independent businesses have known for years. To remain competitive, it’s imperative to maintain a social account for your business to keep your presence at the forefront.  With so many different social platforms, knowing your target market and which platforms they use, is an indicator on which platforms to focus on.

3. Organise & Plan

How strong are your business systems and procedures? There are always areas we can tighten up and improve on, but making the time to do so isn’t always on everyone’s priority list and it can often be pushed to the bottom of “To-Dos”.

Use this time to tweak and adjust your current systems, whether it’s inventory & stock control, customer experience, staff training, invoicing or cash flow.

Clear and concise systems can dramatically increase productivity through consistency, exceed customer expectations, produce better results and improve employee performance, which overall reduces costs to your business.

These are just a few things that, when done right will have a positive impact on your business overall. Let us know what you plan to work on during lockdown?