Security Alarm Systems

We install integrated, intelligent alarm systems that are discrete, scalable and easily reconfigurable to adapt to changes of use and occupancy.

Intelligent Security Alarm Systems

We all want to protect what’s important to us. Security alarms monitor and protect your home, business and all the people and property within them 24/7.

Modern security alarms have inbuilt intelligence and integration that makes use and operation a breeze. No more needing a degree to work out how to arm or disarm them. No more being called out to phantom alarms all times of the day and night. No more trying to juggle multiple systems and controllers.

Security Alarm Systems

  • Motion sensor controllers that not only detect movement , but are integrated with your lighting to provide energy savings by turning lights off when not needed in areas such as carparks, stairwells, washrooms, meeting rooms and offices.
  • Panic/duress alarms – either silent alarms or combined with sirens and strobes to alert and call for assistance.
  • Glass alarms and reed alarms – to monitor and detect glass breakages, or windows or doors being left open.
  • Perimeter alarms for commercial or larger residential properties that use photoelectric beams that are triggered when crossed.
  • Smoke alarms that not only sense flames but the presence of smouldering materials and smoke, and are linked to fire notification alarms and sprinkler systems.
  • Wireless and WiFi security alarms ideal for rental premises where wired alarm systems can’t be installed.
  • GSM alarm systems that are linked to external monitoring systems.
  • CCTV security camera integration to automatically record details of people accessing your property.
  • Medical alarms to protect frail or elderly occupants.

When you need an integrated, effective security alarm system, talk with us to find the right solution to meet your needs.