CCTV Security

Sublime Technologies are experts in CCTV security cameras, security and data recording systems to match your particular needs and building design.

Effective CCTV Security Cameras

While CCTV cameras are an effective deterrent for many would-be thieves or fraudsters, security cameras are only as good as the footage that they capture.

If the images are blurred, grainy or too dark, or if there are critical spaces not covered by the cameras, then offenders will not be able to be identified and your CCTV investment will have been a waste of time and money.

Security Cameras For Every Need

Our modern security cameras capture high-resolution images, and have the capacity to track and pan, and adjust to changes in light conditions. We have indoor concealed ceiling options to minimise theft and fraud, through to security cameras rugged enough for heavy-duty outdoor use.

We can assist you:

  • upgrade your CCTV cameras using the same cabling and infrastructure to reduce costs, but give you the latest technology
  • install new home security cameras,
  • source portable or wireless CCTV cameras,
  • install or maintain commercial CCTV cameras or surveillance cameras,
  • install CCTV night viewing cameras or motion triggered cameras including options that flawlessly capture fast moving images such as high-speed cars, or
  • add a camera to allow you to monitor the kids in the pool.

Monitoring options range from simple recording that includes digital access through smartphone apps or web access, through to back-to-base monitoring and response.

Experts in Installation & Integration

Sublime Technologies has installed CCTV security cameras in Brisbane and Gold Coast properties ranging from residential homes and acreage properties, through to universities and major entertainment venues.

Our specialisation is in integrating your security camera system with the rest of your security and electronic systems, so one simple touch controls and automates the lot. We integrate your CCTV cameras with your security alarm systems, access control systems, intercoms and lighting, to provide total security peace of mind.

CCTV Repairs & Maintenance

Like every piece of equipment, security cameras need regular maintenance and repairs. Dust, smoke haze and cobwebs build up over time, reducing the clarity of your images.

Sublime Technologies not only install security cameras, we also repair and maintain them for you either on-call or through a regular maintenance plan.

When you need to install, repair or maintain a CCTV security system, talk with us to find the right solution to meet your needs.

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